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Covid breakthrough as UK to trial skin patch vaccine that could give longer immunity


Another benefit of this technique is that the vaccine does not have to be stored in a freezer or fridge – instead, it can stay at room temperature for up to three months.

Robin Cohen, Chief Commercial Officer at Emergex Vaccines, commented: “Our T Cell priming vaccines may offer significant benefits over current COVID-19 vaccines including longer-lasting immunity and broader protection against new variants.

“We are proud to announce the initiation of this trial and look forward to gathering data to support the development of this important next-generation vaccine.”

The first phase of the clinical trials will use randomised groups of 13 volunteers each, who will receive high and low doses of the vaccine.

The trials are expected to kick off in January next year under the supervision of Professor Blaise Gentonfrom the Center for Primary Care and Public Health at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

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