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Couple left in 'great deal of stress' as they fight to stop developer building on garden


Laura and John Allen of Winterton, Scunthorpe said housing developer Keigar Homes have tried to claim a piece of land which the couple claims belong to the residents. If the proposed plans went ahead, the couple would lose around 10 feet of their garden, according to the project’s blueprint. Laura, 77, who was born in the house next door, told Grimsby Live the strip of land has always belonged to the houses on Cemetery Road.

North Lincolnshire Council granted Keigar Homes permission to build 135 homes on the site in 2019.

A dispute over the 10-foot strip of land began on October 8 after Laura confronted the workers.

The couple have been told nothing will happen to the land until Keigar Homes checks the Land Registry for the houses on Cemetery Road.

Laura and John believe the results of the check will prove they were right.

“They say that other residents haven’t established firm boundaries at the end of the gardens, whereas they have fenced theirs off to let a dog exercise.”

The couple’s grandson Robby said the couple have suffered a “great deal of stress” over the dispute and are worried that work would start without them realising.

However, Robby seemed confident his grandparents would be in the right.

“My grandmother knows the area and boundaries better than almost anyone,” he said.

Express.co.uk has contacted Keigar Homes for comment.

Additional reporting by Jamie Waller.

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