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Council madness! Huge Grand Designs-style home approved – just after summer house rejected


Councillors on the Thameside planning committee approved proposals for a large contemporary three-bedroom property with a ‘green roof’. However, they turned down plans for a summer house and pergoda.

The modern property is proposed to be built on land south of John Street in the rural area of Heyrod, Greater Manchester. 

This area is technically within the green belt, but plans were accepted as ‘very special circumstances’ could be applied and a different ‘Teletubby’ style home had previously been approved for the same site. 

Planning officer Steve Kirkham said: “Officers are satisfied that the proposals would not have an additional impact of the openness or landscape character of the green belt above that of the extant permission.

“This would form an exemplar development which would have positive environmental impacts.

“Ultimately it is considered that the design is an improvement on that which had previously been granted planning permission.”

Mr Kirkham said ‘very special circumstances’ were based on the previous planning permission for the site, and the ‘design merits’ of the proposals.

He said: “The site has been previously developed and comprises a number of outbuildings. The loss of those buildings does help to improve the openness and character of the green belt.

“It is flanked by development to both sides. In terms of impacts it seemed to be negligible, it’s largely positive.”

But added: “There will be views from distant vistas of this dwelling, I can’t deny that.”

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Councillor Dickinson said: “What upsets me about this, this really stands out in the green belt and I personally have just refused a summer house that nobody would see on the principle of harming green belt.

“Anyone that knows Heyrod knows that it’s absolutely hilly so you can’t hide that from people, that will stand out in the green belt.

“I’m at a loss for words for how planning thinks that special circumstances warrant this building. I’m talking about the impact on people walking, riding, driving, it will stand out.”

Councillor Jack Naylor added: “We’ve just refused a summer house and a pergoda, whereas now we’re talking about a substantial house in the middle of a hill.

“But ultimately we couldn’t refuse this application on the grounds of it being green belt anyway because of the extant application so it’s more about the design elements.”

Additional reporting Charlotte Green.


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