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Council could take parking permits away from residents as roads are 'oversubscribed'


Changes could be made to the number of parking permits issued per household as areas are becoming oversubscribed. Prices are also likely to rise which could have a negative impact on many low-income families in the region.

The council warns this would also frustrate residents who live in areas that are not at or close to their full capacity levels.

The third option would be a new charging scheme which would offer cheaper rates for low-emission vehicles.

This would also see parking rates increase for petrol and diesel drivers and added costs for those with multiple parking permits.

The report said: “Whilst the ‘new normal’ is still uncertain, adopting a new management approach which supports the council’s environmental aspirations along with safeguarding the longevity of schemes is considered necessary to ensuring the sustainability of schemes both during recovery and beyond this pandemic”.

Drivers could be issued fines for breaking the rules of their permit or stopping without one in place.

Permits are popular in many areas across the UK and are usually in place around roads close to city centres. 

Express.co.uk has contacted Cambridgeshire County Council for further comment.


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