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Coronavirus vaccine passport could last 'several years' in Britain, expert warns


Biometrics expert Andrew Bud said governments around the world, including the UK’s, may want to take the most cautious approach to the fight against the virus. While speaking to LBC host Tom Swarbrick, Mr Bud claimed the idea of vaccine passports could remain a talking point for a number of years. He insisted the shock of a global economic standstill is not a situation countries want to return so will be looking at the most cautious of approaches to prevent a repeat, including vaccine passports for travel and or hospitality.

Mr Swarbrick said: “I come back to this question of how long all this could go on for.

“I am thinking particularly when we hit wintertime this year and cases start to rise again naturally, whether vaccine passports will be very needed then.

“Also what will be the circumstances for the idea of vaccine passports being dropped totally on the basis that we don’t have very much Covid circulating.

“Or do you view what is happening now as the start of how we go about living our lives?”

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Mr Bud admitted he was not an epidemiologist and his thoughts and opinions were based on his statistical expertise.

He said: “My opinion on this is nothing more than an amateur on this.

“I do know that the British economy and the world economy has just been through a terrible shock.

“What normally happens after shock is you get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This comes after Mr Johnson decided to abandon plans to introduce vaccine passports for pubs and restaurants in England, according to a new report.  

However, access to larger venues such as theatres, cinemas and sports venues will require people to prove that they are Covid negative after June 21.

A new NHS app will be launched, confirming a person has either had the jab, recently tested negative or had Covid-19 within the last six months.

A Government source recently told The Times: “Pubs, restaurants and non-essential retail won’t be required to introduce certification.”


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