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Coronavirus POLL: Should lockdown be lifted early as 40 MPs demand end to Covid rules?


With the restrictions set to last until June, 40 cross-party MPs have insisted the measures must be lifted as soon as possible to help kickstart the UK economy. Amid these calls, Express.co.uk is asking in today’s exclusive poll: “Should lockdown be lifted early as 40 MPs demand end to Covid rules?” A group of cross-party MPs have insisted the Government is sticking too strictly to its roadmap, which sees restrictions lift every few weeks as spring turns to summer.

With the UK now approaching three months under lockdown restrictions, Steve Baker, Tory MP for High Wycombe and deputy chairman of the Covid recovery Group, claimed the vaccine rollout has broken the high transmission rate.

Mr Baker said: “Ministers’ monomaniacal focus on Covid cases is leaving us stuck with these roadmap dates, despite the fact that the vaccine has clearly broken the link between cases, hospitalisations and deaths.

“It is fiendishly frustrating when so many people are suffering so greatly from the restrictions.”

In support, a total of 40 MPs signed a letter to the Prime Minister warning him the aviation and travel sector would not survive unless restrictions were lifted.

Including MPs such as former Cabinet minister Karen Bradley, and chair of the transport committee, Huw Merriman, called for the Government to allow travel to low-risk areas.

They said: “As an island nation, we cannot fully recover from the devastating impacts of this pandemic without a thriving aviation and travel sector.

“As such, we urge you to introduce measures that allow the safe restart of international travel from May 17.

“We also urge the Government to ensure that the cost of testing is kept under review to ensure that it does not act as a disincentive to travel.”

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International travel is also not permitted until May 17, although this may change due to the third wave of coronavirus spreading across the continent.

Ahead of March 29, Mr Johnson issued his concern over the soaring case levels on the continent.

The Prime Minister warned at a press conference, the high case levels in the EU may soon “wash up on our shores” despite the vaccine rate in the UK.

These high case levels may impact travel restrictions with case rates in countries such as Spain, Germany and France all rising dramatically.

Speaking on Monday, the Prime Minister said: “I know how much Government has asked of the people in the last year, but I also know how magnificently – incredible patience and fortitude – people have responded.

“It’s my view, overwhelmingly, people are determined to continue to do that and they do understand the need for caution.


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