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Corbyn rumbled as MP rushes to put on face mask in Commons 'when camera turns on him'


The former Labour leader can be seen putting it on in parliament when the live feed camera switched to his position. Footage from BBC Parliament shows Mr Corbyn fumbling for his face mask as he sits between Diane Abbott and John McDonnell. After spotting the footage, one Twitter user remarked: “Corbyn putting a mask on as Abbott stands up next to him and he knows he’ll be on camera.”

By covering the nose and mouth, face masks reduce the spread of droplets carrying the coronavirus virus.

The reproduction rate of the deadly pathogen reduces by limiting the amount of the virus being released when people talk and breathe.

The Government’s official advice on face masks states: “Face coverings are mainly intended to protect others and not the wearer.

“When used correctly they cover the nose and mouth, which are the main sources of transmitting coronavirus (COVID-19).

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“The risk of COVID-19 infection at work can be managed by following the right controls.

“You can identify these controls by doing a risk assessment.”

The face-mask incident comes after Mr Corbyn posted a tweet attacking Afghanistan’s “two decades of war misery” in late August.

Mr Corbyn took to Twitter to reply to an article titled “US allies scramble to evacuate thousands from Afghanistan”.

He wrote: “Unicef’s warning that 10 million Afghan children are at risk is a catastrophic emergency.

“We can’t ignore the role of two decades of war in fuelling this misery.”

Mr Corbyn then replied to his initial post adding: “As the current Afghanistan crisis unfolds I am hearing from many Islington North residents.

“They have loved ones in need of urgent help.

“The UK must lead the international community in an urgent relief effort without delay.”

However, one user wrote underneath Mr Corbyn’s post: “This has happened because people like you got your wish and had America leave.

“This is on you.”

Another added: “You’ve now got what you always wanted so this is partly on you, Jezza.”

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