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Corbyn ignored: Starmer reveals he has not spoken to former Labour leader for FIVE months


In a tell-all interview, Sir Keir admitted the Labour party had suffered a “tough” election result under his predecessor. Not only did Sir Keir admit the party had struggled during the 2019 election campaign but that the Prime Minister’s popularity has now been boosted due to the successful vaccine programme. With the Tories now 10 points ahead in the polls, he refused to assess his first year in charge or evaluate Mr Corbyn’s time as leader.

Indeed, the new leader admitted he has not even spoken to his predecessor since October when a report into Anti-Semitism claims was released.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Sir Keir said: “I mean, it’s tough.

“We’d had the worst election results since 1935 when I took over as leader of the Labour Party.”

According to YouGov’s voting intention poll tracker as of March 26, the Conservative party is tracking at 42 percent.

In contrast, Labour is tracking at 32, the Lib Dems eight, and the Green Party with seven in fourth position.

Boris Johnson has been boosted in the polls after agreeing to a Brexit deal in December and for the vaccine programme which had surged forward in the new year.

The Labour party has struggled to deal with Brexit since the referendum and in the same interview, Sir Keir claimed the case for rejoining the EU was now over.

With the Brexit deal agreed, the Labour leader claimed the UK must now make it work despite championing to remain in the EU during his time in the Shadow Cabinet.

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“The Remain-Leave debate is over.”

Despite the UK agreeing a Brexit deal with the EU, Labour MPs pressured Sir Keir to vote against the agreement in December.

Indeed 36 Labour MPs abstained over the vote despite the majority of the party supporting the deal in the Commons.

Even after the deal was approved by MPs, Labour officials have called on the leader to confront the Prime Minister over Brexit.

In 2017, Sir Keir had also called for the UK to remain part of the European Medicines Agency following the referendum.

However, with the EU’s vaccine programme floundering while the UK surges ahead, Sir Keir refused to praise the Government’s decision to leave the agency.


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