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Cook ‘crispy and super fluffy’ jacket potatoes in 21 minutes with chef’s ‘perfect’ recipe

The cooking time in the oven involved for crispy jacket potatoes is often what puts people off.

However, that’s about to change as you can get the same “crispy and super fluffy” results from using an air fryer and a microwave in replacement of your oven.

While some people opt for just using microwaves to cook their baked potatoes, it’s the addition of the air fryer that gives the crispy golden skin.

Taking to her TikTok account @poppycooks, Michelin-trained chef Poppy O’Toole has shared her “perfect” recipe for a jacket potato.

Poppy started the video by saying that she “loves” her air fryer and uses it all the time – and one of the things she perfected making with them are jacket potatoes.

After claiming this is a “quick recipe”, the chef demonstrated the few stapes it takes to get it cooked in 21 minutes.


Large Maris Piper or Russet potatoes

Vegetable oil, for rubbing

Salt, to season


Poppy started by piercing the potatoes with a fork several times on each side before covering them with oil and salt.

She then popped them into the microwave for six minutes. For reference her microwave has 800 Watts so those with a microwave with a higher wattage will probably need less time.

The chef then added the potatoes straight to her air fryer and set it to 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

Poppy said: “That makes it super golden on the outside. It gets crisped up and then that middle bit is super fluffy and delicate.”

The chef claimed that the jacket potato is a “really good base for a very cost-efficient, cheap and energy efficient dinner” that can be loaded up for whatever you fancy.

Poppy said she opts for “chilly cheesy beans”. Going in for a taste test of the jacket potato, Poppy described it as “pure comfort and delicious.”

Fellow TikTokers in the comment section were big fans of using an air fryer to cook a jacket potato. However, they claimed that there is no need to use a microwave first.

@Nancydrew75 said: “You don’t even need to do the microwave part. Just as fluffy only in the air fryer.”

@tamsinwood commented: “I don’t microwave mine first. Just oil up and put in the air fryer at 200 for 35 minutes. Perfect every time.”

@hwalker1196 wrote: “I always do this!! Except I do the oil and salt for the air fryer only. It’s delicious! I have it with bolognese and cheese.”


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