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Cook a ‘perfect’ fried egg in under 2 minutes without frying using expert’s clever method

Eggs are an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used to make your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

While they can be enjoyed as part of a meal they taste equally as great on their own as poached eggs, scrambled eggs and fried eggs.

To avoid cooking a fried egg wrong and speed up the process, Dannii Martin, recipe book author and the woman behind Hungry Healthy Happy food blog has shared her “perfect” recipe.

Instead of using a frying pan and lots of oil, Dannii recommends using the microwave.

She said: “Our easy recipe for microwave-fried eggs gives you the perfect egg in just under two minutes.

“Cooked whites and runny yolk, all cooked in a bowl in the microwave. This recipe has all the tips to get a perfectly cooked fried egg every time, for a quick and easy breakfast.”

For this recipe, eggs are really the only ingredient. Make sure to use the freshest eggs you can and bring them to room temperature before using.

Dannii said that she likes to use a medium-sized egg. The size of the egg will vary with the cooking time.

The second ingredient needed is spray oil to make sure the egg doesn’t stick. You could rub the bottom of the bowl with a little oil if you didn’t have spray oil.

To cook the egg, start by spraying a microwave-safe bowl/ramekin with oil. Crack an egg into the bowl and, using the pointed end of a sharp knife, gently pierce the yolk – this helps to avoid the egg exploding.

Next, place a microwave-safe plate on top of the bowl and put it in the microwave. Cook on high for 30 seconds.

After, leave for one minute and then check the egg. There will still be a lot of heat in the bowl after the first 30 seconds of cooking, but leaving it for one minute allows the egg to cook from the heat and steam, and sets the whites of the egg, without overcooking the yolk.

Cook for 15 seconds more then check again. It may need 10 seconds more, depending on how you like your eggs cooked.

For those looking to cook more than one egg, they will need to use a bigger bowl.


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