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Cook a perfect fried egg in 45 seconds without flipping with easy cooking method

There is nothing better than fried eggs for breakfast with jammy golden yolks, but while they may seem easy to cook it can be tricky to keep them intact after flipping.

Sunny-side eggs require no flipping but will come out with a liquid yolk with the whites barely set, while over-easy eggs come out perfectly set but require flipping, which can cause them to break apart and become scrambled eggs instead.

However, Meaghan Webster, an egg recipe developer and founder of Meags Eggs, has discovered an easy method to cook the perfect over easy fried eggs without having to flip them.

Meaghan said: “I tried to like frying eggs over-easy. Except it wasn’t that easy, and I became lazy. So I regularly practice the lid method instead.

“Letting the heat of a pan cook the bottom of an egg, and covering the pan to steam the top of the egg.”

According to Meaghan, there is “no egg gymnastics required” for this simple recipe, as all that is needed is to let the heat travel to the top of the egg to get it perfectly cooked without flipping.

All you have to do is add olive oil to a frying pan and leave it on medium heat for about a minute to heat up.

Then crack the eggs into the pan and let them cook for around one minute until the egg whites begin to turn white, then place a lid on top of the frying pan.

Meaghan said: “Cover the pan with a lid for the last 45-60 seconds, or until the top of the egg whites have set, but the yolk is still soft. To check, wiggle the pan to see if the yolk still jiggles.”

“When cooked to your preference, use a spatula to transfer the egg to a plate. Repeat previous steps with the second egg”

There is no flipping required so there’s no chance of it breaking apart in the cooking process, so you can get perfectly cooked fried eggs every time to make them.

You can even make this process quicker by cooking all your eggs simultaneously if you are having a sleepy morning or are cooking for more than one person.

Meaghan said: “On especially lazy mornings, I fry both eggs at the same time and let the egg whites join them together.

“You can separate them later using the spatula for two separate pieces of toast or if you just prefer eating them as 2 separate eggs!.”


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