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Conor McGregor accused of punching DJ and breaking his nose in ‘unprovoked attack’ after quiet drink in bar


AN Italian DJ claims Conor McGregor ‘punched him full in the face’ just moments after the pair enjoyed a drink together.

Francesco Facchinetti says the UFC star was ‘completely out of control’ and ‘seemed like he wanted to kill him’ in Rome.

Francesco Facchinetti showed off his damaged life after the confrontation
Conor McGregor has been accused of punching the Italian DJ in the face

The 41-year-old is now pressing charges against McGregor for assault, but insists he does not want him to go to prison.

Speaking to MailOnline, Facchinetti said: “‘One minute we were talking in a friendly manner and the next he just lashed out at me.

“We were having a drink together and everything seemed fine when suddenly he changed. I was a few inches from him when he punched me full in the face with his right hand.

“I went flying backwards and crashed into a table.

“I was stunned. There was a lot of blood, and my wife became hysterical and screaming.

“One of the bodyguards tried to calm her down and two people immediately jumped on McGregor and dragged him away.”


Police were called after the UFC legend allegedly got into the scuffle while the two attended an event at the St Regis hotel in Rome.

McGregor, 33, and his partner Dee Devlin have been in Italy for a few days for the christening of their youngest child Rian in the Vatican.

The trip however faces ending on a low note as both Facchinetti and his wife Wilma Faissol, 39, made the allegations to their nearly 1.5million combined followers on Instagram.

Facchinetti posted a video recounting the incident and showed off cuts on both of his lips.

Wilma also shared a series of Instagram stories accusing the fighter of attacking her husband, saying she feared Notorious could have killed him.

It remains unclear what triggered the alleged melee.

It was totally unprovoked. He is a bully.

Francesco FacchinettiItalian DJ

SunSport has contacted McGregor’s team for comment on the alleged confrontation.

Italian Police confirmed to us they were called to the scene at 5.30am after the incident had taken place.

McGregor was not spoken to by the police, but he “may be in coming days”

Facchinetti added: “There was absolutely no reason for him to lash out at me, it was totally unprovoked. He is a bully.”

McGregor previously got into trouble for punching a man at The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin back in August 2019.

The UFC allegedly hit Desmond Keogh, 50, after the older man had declined to drink a shot of whiskey.

Notorious was convicted of assault and ordered to pay a fine of £860 – and then later went on the spend £1.75million buying the pub.

McGregor is still recovering from the brutal broken leg he suffered in his first round defeat to Dustin Poirier.

Francesco Facchinetti and Wilma Faissol are well known in Italy
Conor McGregor has been in Italy for his son’s christening at the Vatican

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