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Comment on Punching back at critics, Mayor Adams says ‘swagger’ is at the center of his leadership style by 垃圾话:纽约市终于发现了有轮垃圾桶——而且只花了 400 万美元 | Arwa Mahdawi – Mandarinian

Mayor Adams says his haters can criticize him all they want because he has something they don’t: Swag.

“I am the CEO of the largest corporation in America, and my bald head, earring-wearing swagger is running this city,” Adams said Friday during an appearance at the African American Mayors Association’s annual conference in Washington, D.C.

“My way — that’s swag,” the mayor added to cheers from the crowd.

Adams highlighted his “swagger” — a character trait he frequently prides himself on having — after lamenting what he described as an overly critical political opposition and press corps.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams
New York City Mayor Eric Adams

“You sit in front of all of these people who wake up every day praying and hoping that I can fail,” he said.

Among the critics who rub him the wrong way are people of color who are “telling me ‘fight the power.’”

“We are the power,” he said, noting that “we have all of this chocolate” across state and city government, with Black men and women in top positions like mayor, state attorney general, state Assembly speaker and state Senate majority leader.

He also offered a presumably fictional anecdote from the perspective of a person whose needlessly criticizing him: “Let me see how I’m a hate on Eric: Oh, Eric hit on my third grade girlfriend when I was in third grade so now I hate him for life.”

Then he exclaimed: “C’mon stop!”

Adams’ Friday musings perplexed some New Yorkers, including Sheree Gibson, a Queens representative on the city Department of Education’s Panel for Education Policy.

“What in da world?” Gibson tweeted in response to a clip of Adams’ speech.


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