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Co-op starts selling out of date food for 20p in these 13 supermarkets – would you buy it?


Co-op will be selling food items that have passed their best before date but are still safe to eat. Prices will start from as little as 20p.

According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), food that has passed its sell-by date may not taste as good, but it will not cause you any harm.

However, it is unsafe to eat meats and ready-to-eat salads that have past their sell-by date.

But it is possible to tell if these foods have gone off due to their change in colour or smell.

Only 13 Co-op stores in southern England will be selling foods that have passed their sell-by date, and the scheme is starting out as a 12-week trial.

However, Morrisons does sell boxes of products that are close to their expiry dates via the Too Good To Go app.

Co-op hopes that selling food past its sell-by date will help tackle the issue of food waste in the UK.

Up to five million tonnes of food is thrown away in Britain every year.

Gemma Lacey, Director of Sustainability and Communications at Southern Co-op (the branch of the company overlooking its stores in southern England), said: “People are more aware than ever of the impact of unnecessary food waste.

“We want to go one step further and prove that a large number of products are still tasty and good enough to eat past their best before date.

“We hope this will also raise awareness that there are products in the back of people’s cupboards which don’t need to be thrown away.”

The Co-op stores in southern England trialling the scheme

Widcombe Hill, Bath

Salisbury Road, Blandford

Winsley Road, Bradford-On-Avon

Nunney Road, Frome

Clanfield, Hampshire

Tangier Road, Portsmouth

High Street, Lambourn

The Square, Mere

Crosier Close, Old Sarum

Beaufoy Close, Shaftesbury

High Street, Shrewton

Station Road, Sturminster

Mudford Road, Yeovil


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