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CNN reporter Don Lemon blasts Trump 'tumour' that exposed 'slavery and racism' in US


Don Lemon claimed Donald Trump’s presidency exposed “slavery and racism” in a post-racial era. Speaking to ABC’s The View, Mr Lemon said: “Racism and this sort of wackiness has been around forever. Donald Trump was a symptom and I think he was the tumour that drove us into the oncologist’s office so that we can have the problem diagnosed and then exiled.

“I’m glad that Donald Trump is behind us because there wasn’t much about policy that Donald Trump said or did or believe in or accomplished.

“Mostly what he did do was serve to divide the country.

“But also he exposed the racism and the original sin of this country which is slavery and racism.

“We thought that maybe we were in a post-racial era, and we weren’t.

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“We were living a lie and Donald Trump, I hate to say it, he showed us the truth and he showed us who many of our neighbours are, not all of them, but many of them.”

It comes as President Joe Biden took aim on Sunday at the “ugly poisons” of “systemic racism and white supremacy” that he said had long plagued the United States, and vowed to change the laws that enabled continued discrimination.

In blunt language, the Democratic president said the country faced problems with racism, xenophobia and nativism.

Mr Biden’s statement followed similar sentiments from Vice President Kamala Harris, who detailed in Atlanta on Friday the U.S history of discrimination against Asian Americans.

He said his administration would speak out against racial discrimination around the world, including the “horrific” mistreatment of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar and the Uighurs in China.

“One of the core values and beliefs that should bring us together as Americans is standing against hate and racism, even as we acknowledge that systemic racism and white supremacy are ugly poisons that have long plagued the United States,” he said.

“We must change the laws that enable discrimination in our country, and we must change our hearts.”

Biden’s statement came amid mounting pressure on law enforcement authorities to treat last week’s deadly shooting in Atlanta of eight people – including six women of Asian descent – as a hate crime.


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