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Clint Eastwood, 94, gets 'thrilling’ first reactions to his final film Juror No 2

Clint Eastwood is set to turn 94 next month and the Hollywood legend has directed what is rumoured to be his final movie.

Juror No 2 stars Nicholas Hoult as Justin Kemp, a murder trial juror who realises he may have caused the victim’s death.

The upcoming film, which Warner Bros reportedly wants to debut at Cannes next month, co-stars Tony Collette as the trial’s prosecutor.

Juror No 2 is Eastwood’s 40th directorial turn and also features the likes of Kiefer Sutherland and JK Simmons.

According to Variety’s insiders, Warner Bros is “thrilled” by what they’ve seen of the movie so far.

Paul Schrader, who at 77 is debuting his new movie Oh, Canada at Cannes this year, commented on an older generation of directors being the focus of the film festival this year; from Francis Ford Coppola (85) to David Cronenberg (81).

He said: “I’m sure most artists want to keep working, but sometimes you’re not fortunate enough, lucky enough, good enough to stay in the arena…But I had to keep working. I had some COVID health problems, and every time I thought that I might die, I would get a new idea.

“Eastwood is the great-grandfather of the geriatric generation. But there’s a guy from Portugal, [Cannes alum] Manoel de Oliveira, who worked till he was 104. So Clint still has a ways to go to catch him.”


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