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Cleaning: Unblock your toilet using baking soda and other household products


Without a plumber or a plunger, unblocking your toilet can be a difficult task. However, bathroom experts have shared their tips on how to unblock your toilet quickly and easily using household products.

When using hot water, make sure it isn’t completely boiling as it could crack the porcelain.

Pour the hot water into the bowl and allow it to sit for three minutes.

Then, flush the toilet and the blockage should be cleared.

Using washing up liquid is another easy method to get rid of a toilet blockage.

Cling film is another household product that can be effective when trying to unblock a toilet, and can be used as an alternative to a plunger.

Add three layers of cling film to the top of your toilet, pressing the cling film down firmly so that it sticks to the seat.

Then, flush the toilet, and the pressure caused by the flush should cause the cling film to balloon upwards.

Push down gently on the ballooned cling film, which doing so will reverse the suction caused by the flush and dislodge the blockage in a similar way to a plunger.

Lastly, experts at Drench recommended using a wire coat hanger to unblock your toilet.

Unwind your coat hanger so it’s straight with a U-shape at the end – this will go up the toilet’s U-bend to shift the blockage.

Once you’ve got the coat hanger up the U-bend, you’ll need to push and pull it to try and move the blockage.


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