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Cleaning tips: The EIGHT areas you probably miss when cleaning your home


Spring cleaning may be in full flow for some, as the sunshine arrives and breathes new life into our homes. While we usually think of vacuuming, mopping, sweeping and changing the sheets, there are eight common areas the average cleaner probably misses when cleaning their home.

Cleaning can be therapeutic, with instant results and satisfaction, as well as the release of endorphins.

With cleaning gurus like Mrs Hinch rising to fame on social media, there is now a whole community of cleaners sharing their key tips.

From using natural cleaners like baking soda and white vinegar to get rid of stains, there is probably a cleaning tip out there for you.

But if you want to find out the eight areas you probably skip when cleaning your home, read on ahead.

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1. Mattress

While changing our sheets may be second nature, many of us neglect our mattresses.

There are some rules of best practice when it comes to your mattress and this can depend on the type.

For example, memory foam mattresses should not get wet and should be turned from head to foot only.

However, one common tip to freshen mattresses is to use baking soda.

Use a sifter or strainer to sprinkle baking soda directly over your mattress, then leave for a few hours.

This will give the baking soda time to absorb any smells. Later hoover up the baking soda, leaving behind a fresh mattress.

2. Ceilings

While we may dust the sideboards, cupboards and any other surfaces – we may not think to clean the ceiling.

Our ceilings can collect dust, cobwebs and spiderwebs – however, this is easily rectified.

You can give your ceiling a wash using a mop, bucket and a couple of household cleaning products.

Mix together a cup of warm water, five drops of dish soap and two tablespoons of white vinegar to give your ceiling a deep clean.

3. Shower Curtains

Our shower curtains prevent excess water soaking the bathroom, however, usage can see dirt, grime and even mould discolour them.

To deep clean your shower curtain, first, remove the rings and then add to the washing machine alongside a couple of towels.

Add in your usual laundry detergent and a cup of baking soda, then wash in warm or hot water at the highest setting.

As it reaches the rinse cycle add one cup of white vinegar.

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4. House plants

This may be an odd item to see on a cleaning list, however, our houseplants can collect dust just like any decorative item.

Dusting house plants will not only improve their look, but has benefits for the plant itself too.

One way to wash your plants could be to pop them in the shower and give them a gentle wash.

You can do more than one plant, however, watch for any soil spilling out using this method.

Or, pop the plants outside and allow the natural weather to clean the dust away from your plants.

If your plant is not easily moved, simply use a damp cloth to wipe away any dust or cobwebs.

5. Door frames/door handles

Our door handles are probably one of the most frequently touched areas in our homes, but how often do you clean them?

If you want to clean your door handles and door frames, first wipe with a duster to get rid of any resting dust.

Next, use a damp cloth soaked in dish soap and warm water to wipe down the handles and frames.

6. On top/under the fridge

We open our fridge numerous times throughout the day, but how often do you clean underneath or on top of your fridge?

Dust, dropped food and spills can soon build up if left for too long.

You can either move your fridge or use a stool and an extendable mop/ duster/ vacuum tool you can reach those difficult areas easier.

7. Light fixtures

Again, dust and grime can build up on your light fixtures and go unnoticed for months.

Using a step ladder to help reach, gently wipe your light fixtures with a cloth or duster.

You can either hoover the area on the floor afterwards or place a towel down to catch the falling dust.

8. Skirting boards

While we often hoover the floors, our skirting boards can build up dust, grime and even sticky spots.

To clean these, first, wipe around with a cloth to remove any excess dust.

Next, the skirtingboardshop.co.uk advises you use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

If you find you have any stains, you can use white vinegar, bleach, or magic eraser sponges.

Then use clean water to remove any excess cleaner and leave your skirting board looking brand new.


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