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Cleaning tips: How to get candle wax out carpet and walls – genius Nancy Birtwhistle tip


Burning a candle in autumn and winter is a soothing way to pass the time and decorate the house. Candle wax, on the other hand, is an infuriating stain.

Thankfully, The Great British Bake Off winner and cleaning expert Nancy Birtwhistle has a clever tip to lift the stain off.

She spoke with Express.co.uk and said: “Candles around the house at Christmas provide the perfect ambiance and atmosphere.

“But, it’s not so good when, in the cold light of day, you spot splashes of dried candle wax that have stained your expensive wallpaper when the candle was blown out the night before.”

By trying to pick the wax off, it’s likely that you might damage the wall. So, what should you do?

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How to get candle wax out of the carpet

You will need a white cotton towel and an iron.

Dampen the towel and fold it in half. Then, put it over the wax and put the iron – on a high setting – on the towel for 10 seconds.

This should draw the wax from the carpet onto the towel.

Make sure you scrape any excess dry wax off the carpet before you try this.

After the wax is soaked up, use a normal carpet cleaner and scrub it into the damp carpet, allowing it to air dry.

A Mrs. Hinch fan wrote about the trick in her Facebook group.

“Literally never going to be able to stop telling people about this hack,” she said.

Anneka explained exactly how she used the dishwasher tablet to clean the oven door.

She said: “I sprayed the glass with water from a spray bottle, and used a Finish Powerball tablet without much pressure needed at all, literally spray, rub and wipe away the excess.

“Used one dishwasher tablet and it didn’t scratch the glass at all and took about five minutes.”

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