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Cleaning tips: Four simple steps to make your spring clean more sustainable


There are a plethora of cleaning tips on the internet, as well as endless lists of cleaning products to buy. However, have you ever thought about how sustainable your cleaning regime is?

Unfortunately, as a result of cleaning, large quantities of non-recyclable bottles, single-use wipes, harsh chemicals and microplastics are thrown away every year.

These either find their way to landfill or contribute in polluting the environment.

Just in the same way as people have started to change their everyday habits to make them more sustainable, such as swapping their plastic water bottles and plastic bags for reusable versions, you can also change your cleaning habits.

Rich Quelch at Lifestyle Packaging shared his expert sustainable cleaning tips with Express.co.uk, demonstrating how you can make changes to your cleaning routine with four simple and often more affordable steps.

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Rich’s first step is to cut down on plastic waste.

Although the countless plastic bottles you probably have under your sink are recyclable, the recycling process uses a vast amount of energy, and so if you can help reduce how much plastic there is in the world in the first place, that can only be a good thing.

Rich recommended reading the label before buying any cleaning product.

He said: “This will help you avoid anything that isn’t recyclable. Better yet, stay away from products that come in single-use containers completely.”

More brands are offering refill packs that cuts plastic by 50 to 75 percent, while other disruptor brands like Smol sell water-soluble sachets.

With the latter, all you need to do is mix the sachet with warm water before cleaning your surfaces.

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The next piece of advice Rich gave was to “say no to chemicals”.

Modern cleaning products are mostly harsh chemicals diluted in water, and these are harmful to both the environment and your health.

Before chemical products, people used natural ingredients, and now more brands are switching back to this way of thinking.

Rich mentioned the organic cleaning firm Ecover, which “uses natural surfactants found in beehives as an organic, yet powerful cleaning agent”.

You can also, of course, even make your own multi-purpose cleaner using traditional natural remedies such as bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice, vinegar, and warm water.

Additionally, mixing natural essential oils with water will leave you with a sustainable cleaning spray that has both antibacterial qualities and neutralises bad odours.

Lastly, Rich advised cutting down on electricity and water while cleaning.

He said: “Going back to basics is no doubt more energy-efficient, so sub out the hoover for a good old fashion brush or broom when you can.

“Natural bristles do a stellar job of removing debris and dust on hard floors and surfaces,” Rich added.

The sustainable cleaning expert also recommended investing in a dirt-trapping mat for an external door that can stop dirt and debris from coming into the home.

Rugs can be dusted every so often outside with a good shake.

Another sustainable tip is to pick a warm day to wash your bed sheets so that you can hang them to dry outside or near a window.

Additionally, when it comes to using water, always try to use one big bucket of water instead of leaving the tap running while cleaning.


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