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Cleaning tips: Clean your house with home products – including toothpaste and stale fruit


Radiator manufacturers and interior experts Stelrad have revealed some simple ways that you can clean your home using the items you already have in your cupboards. You can clean your floors and surfaces easily and in the most affordable way possible.

Using lemon juice to clean utensils or surfaces also means that you will be left with them smelling wonderfully.

Experts have long found different uses for toothpaste – as well as brushing your teeth with it, it has also been proven to dry spots and pimples, but it can also be used to remove dirt on surfaces and objects.

Use your toothpaste to clean the sink, scrub the toilet, and clean the shower.

Additionally, it can be used to clean the rubber trim around shoes, as well as to shine rusty pots and pans in the kitchen.

Another simple cleaning hack is to use unwanted fruit.

Instead of throwing mouldy fruit away, use them to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Citric fruits can easily cut through grease and grapefruit – particularly mixed with sugar to create a type of paste – is useful for cleaning larger areas.

Lastly, the experts at Stelrad recommended using baking soda for cleaning various areas and objects.

Sprinkle the product into bins to get rid of odour, use it to remove bath or shower stains, and mix it with white wine vinegar to clean larger surfaces.


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