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Cleaning: Stacey Solomon on how to use remove limescale using lemon and salt – expert tips


Stacey Solomon hosted the BBC show where she offered cleaning tips to a family struggling to avoid clutter. She shared the “easiest” way to clean and organise as well as some useful storage tips.

In the show, Stacey was helped by her team of organising and cleaning experts.

This included carpenter Rob who shared a clever tip to give more storage in a property.

How to store shoes

Appearing on the BBC show, Rob stated homeowners can use their stairs for extra storage.


He said: “My suggestion is to turn these stairs into usable drawers.”

The expert ripped up the carpet before getting to work on the conversion.

Rob then cut a template before attaching it to the stairs.

“Rob then attaches the template to the stair before sawing round the outside to make each hole using it as a ruler,” Stacey explained.

“The acid in the lemon will cut through any limescale and the salt makes it nice and abrasive.

“Now, this is all nice and shiny,” Iwan added.

While cleaning up the property and helping the family become more organised, the team also helped declutter.

Stacey helped the family as they decided what they wanted to keep and get rid of in their home.


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