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Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan shares ‘cheap’ tea bag hack to remove smears from hob backsplash


Mr Hinch – also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe – rose to fame after she started to share cleaning tips and tricks online. Now with more than four million Instagram followers, the social media star has inspired millions to clean their homes. 

Another said: “I use very very hot water on a microfibre cloth to get it wet.

“Then, I’ll buff it dry with a clean microfibre, it works for me.”

One other commented: “For my backsplash I use soap and water and dry it with a newspaper, it never streaks.”

Newspapers contain no scratching materials such as calcium carbonate or silica that can cause damage to glass items like a backsplash. 

“Then buff with a cloth to remove the product, it’s cheap and works amazingly for me.”

Another Mrs Hinch fan added that if you don’t like the smell of tea bags, you can add a little bit of Zoflora of scented disinfectant to help mask the smell.”

This trick can also be used to clean windows.

Sharing onto the same Facebook page, one woman said: “Tried the tea bag trick today!! Oh my it’s amazing it’s made my life so much easier now for work.”

The cleaning fan then explained how she put the tea bag in boiling water and then left for five minutes for it to infuse.

She then left the liquid to go cold and transferred it into a trigger spray bottle.

The woman then said she just simply sprayed her cleaning mix onto her windows and wiped down with a kitchen towel for her amazing results.


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