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Cleaning expert shares how to get your windows sparkling using household staple

June is just around the corner which can only mean warmer weather, right? Well, are crossing every part of our body just so it can stop raining in the UK and have something that we call “Summer”.

However, one thing we can all do during the sunny weather is cleaning our windows and giving them a bit of extra TLC.

If you don’t know how then don’t worry as a cleaning expert has come to the rescue.

Joshua Houston, a window expert at Household Quotes has shared four tips for cleaning your windows.

Clean on a cloudy day

The cleaning pro said if you haven’t cleaned your windows for a long time then opt for a cloudy day.

“This is because the rain will wash away any cleaning solution before it has time to act, and the sunlight can dry the solution before you get the opportunity to wipe it away.”

Use vinegar

The ingredient has become a staple in household cleaning thanks to its multiple uses. Houston recommends a solution of distilled water and white vinegar.

He said: “Vinegar’s acidic nature makes it excellent for eliminating dirt and other bacteria that build up on your windows. It is also very environmentally friendly, with you using chemicals that won’t affect the local wildlife.”

Even better the mixture doesn’t cost a lot to make seeing as most people have vinegar already in their kitchen cupboards.

Meanwhile, you can pick up distilled water for under £5.

Remove curtains

If you want to get a job done then do it yourself, right?

The best bet for getting your windows sparkling clean is removing any objects including curtains that may be in the way of your windowsill.

Houston advised: “The cleaning solution you create can easily get onto your curtains causing staining and leaving a nasty smell.

“Curtains can also be an irritating hindrance, with the material constantly moving into your face, distracting you whilst you try and complete the task.”

Use a soft sponge

Finally, as you’re probably aware, windows can be easily scratched so you might want to avoid cleaning them with a hard material.

The cleaning pro said: “Scratches can be a real pain, they can take a lot of time and money to get off and that’s if you can get them off at all. Instead use a soft sponge that will be kind to the glass panels, and scrub in a gentle but firm manner.”


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