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Claudia Lawrence: Public 'in danger' as killer still on the loose


The chef, who is presumed murdered, vanished on March 12, 2009, and detectives fear her body may never be found. Claudia’s heartbroken father Peter, 73, died recently, and his funeral was held last Thursday. His close friend Martin Dales has vowed to keep Claudia’s case in the public spotlight.

He said: “There are still one or more people at large in York or maybe somewhere else now who do know what happened to Claudia and where she is, and potentially remain a threat to the communities in which they and we live.”

A £1million review of the original police probe saw four men arrested but no charges brought. Detectives think a secret sex life is at the heart of the mystery and that her killer or killers were married lovers.

Claudia, 35, worked as a chef at the University of York.

Mr Dales said: “It is tragic that Peter has died not knowing what has happened to her.

“Sadly, all of this occurred last week against the sad backdrop of the news about Sarah Everard, who was brought up and went to school in York.

“All our thoughts and condolences go to her family and with the general public in their support of the Everards, which was so evident also when Claudia went missing.”


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