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Classic Triumph Stag and historic Morgan converted to electric power in 'world first'


Experts at Electrogenic have converted the classic Triumph Stag and Morgan 4/4 to run on electric power despite being built over 40 years ago. The Stag owners Club has confirmed the conversion is the first model to undergo a transformation to electric power.

“Our systems also allow us to maintain the originality of the rest of the car, which is a really important factor for us.

“For example, it means that we can repurpose the original instruments to keep the interior as untouched as possible.

“Ultimately, what we’re always trying to do with our conversions is to make the cars we’ve been entrusted with into ‘better versions of themselves’.”

To upgrade the Triumph, Electrogenic removed the 1976 models 3.0-litre Triumph V8 and installed a new ‘Hyper9’ high-voltage electric motor.

Ian Newstead, Director and Co-founder of Electrogenic said the upgrade ensured historic models could be used in cities “for years to come”.

He said: “We love the challenge of converting beautiful classic cars with technology that means they will be able to continue to be used guilt-free, even in our cities, for years to come.

“Working on first-time conversions such as the Stag and the Morgan 4/4 helps us to continue honing both our technology offering and our knowledge of the integration process in different body types, and means we maintain our position as a leader in classic car electrification.”


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