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Classic MG Roadster found in abandoned garage could be worth £44,000 when restored


The historic 1960 MGA roadster is already worth between £8,000 and £12,000 in its current condition but some extra repair work could see prices soar. The car is believed to have sat in a garage in Dorset unused for possibly 20 years before the car was discovered by auction specialists at Charterhouse.

They found the car after they were asked by the executor of a will to visit the cottage and carry out a valuation.

The model was discovered under a pile of wood, plastic and old wires before experts realised the potential value of the model.

Charterhouse believes the car underwent a restoration at some point in the 1980s but it is believed the car has not turned a wheel during the 21st century.

Richard Brommell, Director of Charterhouse Auctioneers and Valuers said discovering the car was a dream come true.

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It is believed the car was used by three owners who all lived in the same cottage over several decades.

The accurate mileage of the car cannot be verified but it is believed it was passed down from the same family.

Speaking to Hagerty, Mr Brommell added: “The car would seem to have been bodily restored, and then wheeled back into the garage for work to the engine, and perhaps it all got too much or life got in the way, and there it stayed, unfinished.”

“With the engine reassembled, it would make a nice Sunday driver.

He revealed the classic market contunued to hold strong which could help drive demand for the car.

He added the car had “drop-dead gorgeous looks” and “plenty of spares” which could encourage drivers to make a purchase.

He said: “The classic car market continues to be strong, even during lockdown.

“This MG A Roadster, combined with its drop-top and drop-dead gorgeous looks with a great club scene, drivability and plenty of spares available results in plenty of people will be bidding on the car when it goes under the hammer at the auction.”


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