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China warning: Beijing to retaliate and 'amplify' sanctions against UK, US and Canada


The decision of the UK, EU, Canada and the US to take action against China over its treatment of the Uyghur Muslim population in Xinjiang is likely to land western companies and organisations in Beijing’s crosshairs. Regional expert Robert Daly has pointed to a pattern in how Chinese Premier Xi Jinping responds to moves against China with the Government likely to now seek to retaliate with its own counter-moves.

Mr Daly told CNBC News: “I wouldn’t be surprised to see China do to Canada, the UK and possibly the US what it did today to Europe.

“To name certain individuals and certain entities whose activities as China put it: ‘Have been harmful to China’s interest and violations of their sovereignty.’

“You will notice that under Xi Jinping it has become a signature diplomatic move that China will mirror and amplify whatever is done to it in the way of sanctions or if we look at the case of trade and the imposition of tariffs they mirrored American trade.

“After Meng Wanzhou from Huawei was arrested in Canada they arrested two Canadians.”

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The China analyst continued: “So they mirror and amplify.

“I think we should look for more of that from China.

“And this has, as far as we can tell, strong support from the Chinese people.”

Yesterday Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab defended the imposition of sanctions, arguing that they were necessary due to the “appalling violations” of human rights against China’s Uyghur Muslim minority.

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Beijing has been accused of constructing camps holding over one million Uyghurs across 380 locations.

The Chinese government have continued to defend the camps as locations for “re-education”.

The Chinese Communist Party claim the existence of the camps is to reduce the supposed terror threat in the region.

But, Dominic Raab said the evidence points to a “highly disturbing programme of repression” in Xinjiang.

Mr Raab told the Commons, what is going on is the “largest mass detention of an ethnic or religious group since the Second World War”.


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