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China furiously accuses 'belligerent' NATO of 'provocations and lies' as WW3 fears explode

China has reacted furiously to allegations from NATO that it is acting as a “decisive enabler” of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

NATO leaders have been gathering in Washington this week for a three-day summit of the global defence alliance.

Member states are discussing how to increase military aid to Ukraine, and are considering proposals to ramp up production of weapons across the alliance.

NATO is also working on a statement that will categorically call out China for its support of Putin’s military machine.

The draft details China’s supply of dual-use materials such as weapons components, equipment and raw materials that serve as inputs for Russia’s defence sector.

The strong language in the communique will describe Beijing as a “decisive enabler” of the Russian invasion.

But China has furiously hit back and accused NATO of “belligerence” and of spreading “lies”.

In a statement, Beijing said: “As we all know, China is not the creator of the crisis in Ukraine.

“The declaration of the NATO summit in Washington is full of Cold War mentality and belligerent rhetoric, and China-related content is full of provocations, lies, incitement and smears.”

The US has consistently warned its allies about China’s covert military aid for Russia.

The White House says that Beijing is providing Russia’s military-industrial complex with critical components it needs to produce military equipment.

Putin has placed the Russian economy on a war footing, as it ramps up military production.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told the BBC: “Those are being used to help Russia on what’s an extraordinary crash course effort to make more munitions, tanks, armoured vehicles, missiles.”

About 70 percent of the machine tools and 90 percent of the microelectronics Russia imports come from China, he added.

Reports have also emerged that suggest China is helping to develop drones based on Iran’s Shahed model for Russia.


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