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Cheryl Baker used real name to land work as she opens up on money woes 'We're struggling'


Bucks Fizz star Cheryl Baker, 66, explained she has been using her real name of Rita Stroud to earn money throughout the lockdown as she tries to “keep the wolf from the door”. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Cheryl spoke about how much of the entertainment industry were trying to make a living with one friend becoming a delivery driver, while she has been selling birthday messages online.

“I think of myself as a spokesperson, it’s not just me as you say, it’s most of this industry,” Cheryl remarked.

“We’re all struggling and we’re all trying to make a living somehow. I mean, a friend of mine is a great actor and she is driving for one of the big supermarkets you know.

“We’ve all got to earn a living somehow. I’ve been selling messages you know, like, ‘Hi it’s Cheryl Baker and happy birthday!’

“So I’ve been doing that kind of thing and it’s keeping the wolf from the door.”

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“I had no work coming in, but I was raised not to be a shirker so I rang a friend who runs a company.

“I told him I was struggling and needed to earn some money. He gave me a job in his office answering phones, cold-calling potential clients, typing letters and invoices.

“I would say: ‘Hi, my name is Rita Stroud’ – my real name. They had no idea I was Cheryl Baker.

“It was around that time I got the call asking me to audition for Dancing On Ice.


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