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Chelsea Flower Show announces Netflix collaboration with The Bridgeton Garden

Johnston’s inspiration was a “personal journey so many many of us make from adolescence to adulthood.”

She said: “I find these spaces provide a sense of grounding, calm, privacy and perspective. The actual act of walking through a garden; sitting and thinking in a garden space; responding to how hedges and trees provide a feeling of privacy and seclusion… all these elements were part of my design process.

When it comes to taking inspiration from Bridgerton, which Netflix is set to release in two parts, the designer researched the character of Penelope Featherington.

She continued: “There are metaphors in the garden – like a person’s journey being represented by the path; the secrecy and privacy of the garden representing the gossip and scandal of Regency society (which Bridgerton is loosely based in).

“The flower borders represent someone’s growth and personal evolution. All these ideas and thoughts interlink to make the garden come to life.”

Johnston started designing the garden last April with the base of her design starting with a moon gate concept, working as a portal for entering and exiting a garden.

She added: “I’ve always been fascinated by this, and as I got more into it the concept has really come to life.

Johnston studied Garden Design at the English Gardening School at the Chelsea Physic Garden, graduating with distinction and first in her class.

When Johnston got the call from the Chelsea Flower Show she said it was an “honour” and a “privilege”.

She said: “To be a young woman telling the story of another young woman‘s journey and to have the opportunity to create a garden for such an iconic and globally beloved show.

So what can visitors attending the event expect to see from The Bridgerton Garden?

Johnston explained: “The main thing is the privacy, respite and intimacy of the garden. Obviously, the moon gate and the water feature as well as some hidden elements relate to the amazing characters from Bridgerton.

“Because this space is inspired by Penelope Featherington a wallflower-like character from Netflix and Shonderland’s Bridgerton— I wanted to make sure it told a story that was relatable to everyone, not just fans of the show.

“I mood-boarded the atmosphere I wanted to create – the themes – secrecy, growth, complexity of character, privacy, seclusion. I pulled together images of enchanting spaces with creeping ivy, crawling moss, opulent water features, cool-shade planting, and patented sculpture. Hampstead Heath’s Pagoda Gardens provided a bounty of inspiration.”

Part one of series 3 of Bridgerton will be released on May 16 and part two will be available to stream on June 13.


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