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Chef’s ‘20-second’ recipe for ‘the best scrambled eggs’ that taste ‘absolutely incredible’

Eggs make for satiating breakfasts and lunch meals, whether you opt to have them fried, poached, boiled or made into an omelette.

Scrambled eggs are another option, however, many people make a few mistakes when cooking them resulting in a dry and rubbery texture.

Luckily, in a TikTok video titled “the best scrambled eggs” which has been watched by over 4.9 million people, Chef Kelly Scott shared her recipe.

She started the video by saying: “There are two methods to make scrambled eggs; the slow and soft way, or the fast and hard. This is how you do fast and hard method.”

Start by cracking eggs into a mixing bowl, Kelly used four, and then “whisk the absolute s*** out of them”.

She explained: “I mean a lot of whisking, you want a lot of air in these eggs to make them fluffy.

“Then we’re going to do a nice salt and pepper – keep it simple. I do like my pepper though, so I’m going to do a lot.

“Bring a non-stick pan to high heat and test it with a splash of water, if it sizzles, we’re good to go.

“Add some clarified butter, drizzle it all over the pan – it’s nonstick stick so you don’t need a ton of butter.

“Once it’s hot we’re going to add our eggs and start vigorously moving them around with a spatula.

“Stir them around for a nice scramble – this takes about 20 seconds because we’re doing fast scrambled eggs here, super fast!

“You’re going to want to pull them a second before they’re done – you want a little bit of runniness to them as they’re going to cook a little bit more [with the residual heat].

“Add some chilli flakes – or whatever you want on top. And there you have it! The perfect soft, scrambled eggs in 20 seconds.”

Taking to the comments, fellow TikTok users shared their thoughts on this method after giving it a go for themselves.

@skylardip said: “I made them this way and they were absolutely delicious. Didn’t think it would be so quick.”

@clemmo wrote: “That’s exactly how I do my scrambled eggs. It’s the best way!”

@adambeck commented: “This is how I’ve always done it and now I need to know what the slow and soft method is.”


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