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Chef’s 15-minute ‘crispy and fluffy’ roast potato recipe is the ‘best you’ll ever make’

An easy roast potatoes recipe is something everybody needs given that they are the stars of a Sunday dinner for many.

To get the ultimate roasties, you want to ensure they are crispy on the outside, and fluffy and creamy on the inside – and have lots of flavour.

However, in the oven they can take a long time to cook, often taking one hour to get perfect results.

Instead, households should look to use their air fryer to cook roast potatoes – and it takes just 15 minutes. Not only are they good for frying an egg and cooking a curry, air fryers can cook delicious roast potatoes too.

Taking to her TikTok account @demthepesc chef Demi Singh has shared the “best” air fryer roast potato recipe.

Demi starts the video by saying: “Not to alarm you but there are the best air fryer potatoes you’ll ever make.”

Simply start by cutting up the potatoes into whatever size you like and parboil them until “tender”.

Demi then suggests adding whatever seasonings you like, she opted for onion powder, oregano, cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper.

You then want to add some oil to allow the seasonings to stick to the potatoes. The chef uses rapeseed oil, but olive oil can be used too.

Then air fry the potatoes at 205 degrees until they’re “lovely and crispy” – around 15 minutes.

The chef claimed that the potatoes come out “so crispy and so fluffy”. Demi said that she’s “addicted” to them.

Taking to the comments section, one user asked if she could just air fryer the potatoes straight away without parboiling, however, Demi claimed that it’s needed to make them “so fluffy”.

Other TikTok users shared their love for this recipe in the comments. @chengawn said: “I made these yesterday and they were absolutely amazing! Thank you for the recipe.”

@missjohanna_x said: “These look the best I’ve seen in TikTok so far.” @lilly.yy65 wrote: “It was so yummy. Thank you so much. I used paprika instead of cayenne though.”


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