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Cheapest supermarket for petrol and diesel unveiled as costs rise by 10p per litre

The cheapest supermarket petrol stations have been unveiled with new data putting Tesco and Sainsbury’s ahead of their rivals.

New analysis from the RAC revealed the two retailers offered some of the best petrol and diesel rates on the market in a boost for cash-strapped road users. 

Tesco is the best supermarket option for those with unleaded petrol cars with average costs standing at 146.5p per litre. 

Tesco’s minimum rate is just 128.9p per litre while the most expensive forecourt is selling fuel for 148.8p per litre, just a 10p difference across the UK. 

Sainsbury’s was the next most affordable for fuel with average costs of 146.6p per litre and a 14p difference between all of their stores.

Morrisons and Asda were higher with average costs trading at 147.3p and 147.9 respectively.

Asda had the largest price differential of the four major chains with a staggering 36.2p per litre between the least and most expensive fuel stations. 

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s wins when it comes to diesel owners with average costs of 153.8p per litre at the end of April. 

However, the company had the second highest price difference with a 16p per litre variance between the minimum and maximum road users will pay. 

Tesco was next with an average of 153.4p per litre and a smaller difference of just 8p per litre across their forecourts. 

Morrisons were the most expensive for diesel with rates at 155.7p per litre while Asda was next at 155.5p. 

Asda once again recorded the highest price with diesel rates varying by as much as 36.2p per litre. 

It means some Asda customers are paying just 147.7p per litre to top up while others are forced to splash out 183.9p per litre.


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