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Charlie Stayt sarcasm to Jenrick leaves Naga Munchetty giggling 'About time someone said'


Jenrick, secretary of state for Housing, Communities and Local Government, had been invited onto BBC Breakfast to discuss the vaccine rollout with presenter Stayt, following the news that the UK has been armed of a significant reduction of vaccines for the over 40s group. At the end of the conversation, Stayt commented on the Union Jack flag which was visible in the room behind him and Naga Munchetty was left in stitches. Those watching at home were please someone commented on the regular appearance of the flag in all government interviews on the broadcasting channel.

After ending the interview, where Jenrick had appeared via video link, Stayt said: “Robert Jenrick, thank you.

“I think your flag is not up to standard size government interview…measurements, I think it’s just a little bit small. But that’s your department really!”

Munchetty was heard sniggering in the background and Stayt continued: “Just a thought.”

When the camera returned to the studio Munchetty commented: “The picture of the queen,” but she was interrupted as Stayt wanted to explain his remark: “You’ll be aware, we’ve seen it [the Union Jack flag] every day.”

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“Always a flag,” Munchetty added and he continued: “It’s a thing.”

His co-star said: “Always a flag. They had the picture of the queen there in Westminster office – I’m assuming.”

Those watching at home took to Twitter to comment on the exchange and one said: “Charlie Stayt – ‘Robert Jenrick, your flag is just a little bit small.’ It’s about time someone said it!”

“‘Ere Bob, ya flag’s a bit titchy innit mate?’…..excellent shade from #CharlieState. @TVNaga01 observed “there’s always a flag,'” another wrote.

Jenrick had been discussing the news of a vaccine shortage in the UK but insisted the rollout was continuing to be “successful”.

Stayt asked the MP: “Is there a supporting supply, how will this affect the rollout?”

Jenrick responded: “Well the good news is that we’re going to continue to meet our target, which is to vaccinate groups one to nine, by the middle of April – that’s all the 50s and it’s those who are clinically extremely vulnerable as well.”

“We have line of sight to do that. And we are also able still on course to vaccinate all adults by the end of July.”

He added: “Anyone who has an appointment, or their second jab should have complete confidence that those will go so there’s no concern there.”

It comes as concerns were raised over the continued rollout of Covid vaccines in the UK, with issues in supply.

BBC Breakfast airs on BBC One at 6am on weekdays.


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