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Charley Webb: Emmerdale actress involved in car accident on motorway and left in 'agony'


Charley Webb was involved in a car accident on the motorway yesterday. Luckily it was a low speed collision but the Emmerdale actress has been left in “agony” following the incident.

The soap star shared the details on Instagram this morning as she made her way to a chiropractor appointment.

In view of her 503,000 followers, the mum-of-three said the car had driven into the back of her when she was at a standstill in traffic.

“So, I’m out of the house early, got a chiropractor appointment,” she began.

“I was driving home yesterday and somebody smashed into the back of my car on the motorway.

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“I was still, there had been a traffic jam and the girl was really apologetic, bless her, but I’d been stationary for quite a while so she obviously wasn’t concentrating or watching where she was going because she came right into the back of me.

“And it wasn’t actually that big of an impact – I didn’t jerk forward or anything but my lower back, I’m in agony.

“It must just be like the adrenaline at the time you don’t realise and I don’t understand quite why it’s as bad as what it is but, oh my word, it’s so painful.”

Giving an update on her car, she continued: “There doesn’t seem to be much damage.

“I don’t think anything’s wrong internally but like the back on the car looked alright, but just people not concentrating on what they’re doing when they’re driving, it’s so dangerous.”

“Especially in those situations when the traffic is stopped.

“People just get a bit slack I think because they think go I’m not going fast but luckily I didn’t have Ace in the car, because that would have been a different story. The car obviously was hit quite hard but I’ve got quite a big car so it doesn’t show like huge marks, but her bumper was definitely damaged.”


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