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Channel crossings: Poorer migrants used as ‘decoys’ by people smugglers to ‘divert’ police


An insider familiar with undercover operations by French and British police in northern France told The Times that people smuggling gangs send a huge amount of the poorest migrants on cheap boats. According to the report, the cheaper boats are sent out before the more expensive vessels.

The cheaper boats are more likely to break down but act as decoys to distract the French navy patrols.

A source told The Times: “You get graduations of packages that are offered by the traffickers — you’ll get your criminal equivalent of business class.

“Then they’ll use people with less money as decoys when they do the big surges so they get some boats through regardless.

“So they might put 35 boats out from a range of 150 miles across northern France, and some of them will be with top-end engines and dinghies and some will be ones that break down as soon as they leave the shore.

“And so the authorities will be diverted to the ones that have broken down after leaving the shore, but they [the criminals] will still get 15, 20 boats through.”

According to The Times, the cheapest slots to cross the Channel are between £200 and £500.

The “high-end” packages for places on a vessel with a “top-end” engine can reportedly cost up to £5,000 per person.

On Tuesday, some 40 migrants reached the UK in small boats and were reportedly wearing face masks as they were brought ashore.

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However, Ms Patel has come under fire for the new plans with campaigners saying the proposals will create an unfair system and will not effectively address the criminal gangs.

Enver Solomon, chief executive of the Refugee Council, accused the Government of “unjustly” differentiating between “the deserving and undeserving refugees”.

According to Politico, Mr Solomon said: “This is wholly unjust and undermines the UK’s long tradition of providing protection for people, regardless of how they have managed to find their way to our shores, who have gone on to become proud British citizens contributing as doctors, nurses and entrepreneurs to our communities.”


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