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Changing Rooms' designers unveil cheap way to update house and increase chance of sale


Changing Rooms is not only providing viewers with some midweek entertainment, but the Channel 4 show is hoping to inspire people up and down the country to be bold and brave with their interior design choices. Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to two of the show’s designers, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead about affordable but effective ways to spruce up the inside if a property and increase the chance of selling it. 

Transforming rooms can be expensive but Russell and Jordan say all you need is a lick of paint. 

I think the most affordable option in any room is paint,” Russell explained. 

“I think there’s so much that you can do with paint – hopefully we’ve several ideas on the show! 

“Even just a ceiling space is often the most ignored space in the room, it’s the biggest space in the room, often, and if you are brave enough to paint your ceiling in a colour that makes you really happy then that can absolutely transform space. 

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“So don’t ignore your ceilings, use paint bravely and allow yourself to go there I suppose because it’s paint, at the end of the day so it’s not going to ruin anything,” he said. 

Jordan added: “I’d also say artwork is a great way to change the space as well.

“We’ve got a tradition together that every year on Valentine’s Day we sit and make a painting together, and it’s such an inexpensive thing to do, you can buy canvases now online or wherever, really big canvases for quite inexpensive prices. 

“And it’s such a fun thing to do as well, to interact and allow yourself a set amount of time to create something with no expectation – you might hate it at the end, throw it away or whatever, or paint over it. 

“And it’s not necessarily an easy thing to do,” Jordan commented. “It can be quite hard and there’s nothing more daunting than a blank canvas or a blank sheet of paper. 

“But I think if you allow yourself the time and freedom to go there, you can really create something fun.” 

The designers also gave some useful advice for what can be done if two people don’t agree on a design, theme or even colour. 

Jordan said: “We work with couples so often and one of the biggest thing we’ve learned over the last few years is that, what happens if neither of you compromise. 

“All too often we tried to compromise or we tried to be too accommodating and then nobody ends up happy but actually what happens if both of you get your own way, that could be really exciting.” 

“There might be a piece or a part of your place [flat] that that isn’t quite what it needs to be,” Russell added. “Or that isn’t quite where it’s where it should be, or maybe you’re feeling generous and you want to offer that up. 

“Even if you can just have one thing that you have chosen together even if it’s a new sofa or or or whatever it is, you know that one thing that you’ve both had input in, it will help to kind bring both of you into the room.” 

Changing Rooms airs tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm. 

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