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Certain Brits can get extra £3,000 income tax-free this year – check if you're eligible

A little-known tax relief could provide some Brits with an extra £3,000 thanks to the Blind Person’s Allowance.

Everyone in the UK receives a personal savings allowance of £12,570 this year. However, for those with visual impairments, they could enjoy an additional £3,070 on top, totalling £15,640 of tax-free income this year.

This is according to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), they state that in England and Wales, to qualify, one must be registered as blind or severely sight impaired with their local council and have a doctor’s certification to confirm this.

For individuals in Scotland and Northern Ireland, the criteria are met if one’s work relies heavily on eyesight and they cannot perform their role due to their impairment, along with substantiating documentation from a doctor.

However, the RNIB emphasised this allowance “won’t be given to you automatically”. It urged potential claimants to ascertain their eligibility and contact HMRC on 0300 200 3301 to make a claim.

Claims can also be backdated by up to four tax years, which would currently date back to the 2020/2021 tax year.

If you were registered as blind or severely sight-impaired in or before that year the RNIB notes you could benefit by up to £2,588 under the basic taxpayer rate of 20%.

For those that earn less than the £15,640 allowance they are also able to transfer the unused part, or the entire allowance if they are unemployed, to their spouse or civil partner.

This can allow the spouse or civil partner to increase their own personal allowance and bring home more cash before paying tax.

This can be done regardless if your spouse or civil partner is blind. If both partners qualify for the Blind Person’s Allowance they can both make a claim for it.

In the case of someone who has died before their tax allowance claim is made, this can also be backdated by up to four years provided all other conditions for this unique request are met.


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