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Celebrity makeup artist uses cheap drugstore classic that 'takes 20 years off your face'

Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist is a celebrity favourite for a reason, as he has a secret trick to make his clients look younger instantly.

And the method doesn’t break the bank either, with the two products costing around £20 at most drugstores and beauty retailers, including Boots.

Makeup artist Scott Barnes (@scottbarnescosmetics), who describes himself as a “makeup magician” on TikTok, showcased his beauty hack in one of his videos.

In the clip, where he could be seen doing his client’s makeup, Barnes confidently stated: “I’m going to take 20 years off your face with Aquaphor.”

He began by using the Aquaphor Healing Ointment Skin Protectant and applied a small amount to the woman’s neck.

Next, he used the Aquaphor Lip Repair Stick under her eyes and applied a light layer around her nasolabial folds and jowl lines to address creasing.

He advised viewers to apply their regular eye cream at night before bed if they follow his routine.

“This makes your concealer stay 10 times longer,” he explained.

Barnes described this “game-changing method” as a way to stop concealer and powder from crackling under the eyes, creating a seamless base.

He highlighted that this technique ensures your concealer doesn’t become “creased up and crazy” or cause your makeup to break down.

Barnes discovered this method after spending “hours and hours” perfecting beauty looks for photoshoots, movies, and music videos.

In the caption, he mentioned that beauty lovers can “say goodbye to midday touch-ups” and “hello to flawless, long-lasting makeup” using the Aquaphor trick.

After applying the concealer base, he proceeded with his “normal technique” on the model, crediting Aquaphor for keeping everything “pliable.”

The video concluded with a before and after image of the woman, showcasing a more glowy and youthful appearance.


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