Home News ‘Catalogue of platitudes’ Jeremy Corbyn’s Ukraine remarks ‘demolished’ by former ally

‘Catalogue of platitudes’ Jeremy Corbyn’s Ukraine remarks ‘demolished’ by former ally


Mr Mason asked how Western governments might put “political pressure” on Russia if not sanctions, a tool which Stop the War has previously indicated it was against.

Mr Mason also claimed that Stop the War had only joined “its own, desultory march” against the war in Ukraine.

Writing in the Jacobin magazine, Mr Corbyn goes on to say that it is “very easy for a politician in any parliament in the West to get up and say, ‘Go to war, go to war, go to war.’

“It’s always easy to vote for somebody else’s children to go to war and die. When a war takes place, there’s always a desire by the opposing sides to make sure it’s only their line and their story that gets out.”

Mr Mason said the MP for Islington North was accusing politicians of “advocating war against Russia”.

He continued: “A few Tories have done – but no Western government has done. None. Nor has NATO. They’re actively avoiding it by using sanctions – that [Jeremy Corbyn] opposes…”

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