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Carrots will stay fresh for one month if stored ‘properly’ – won’t go mouldy or soft

Carrots are a household staple needed for many recipes despite their short shelf life, but you can easily keep them fresh for much longer if you know the right way to store them. 

The reason carrots begin to go mouldy quickly is that they are vegetables with a high water content, which means they are more susceptible to bacteria growth when exposed to air. 

It is important to prevent moisture loss to keep carrots fresh, which is why they also need to be kept away from heat and sunlight as it can cause them to wilt or shrivel. 

Kristina Todini, a cooking expert and founder of Fork in the Road, has shared that carrots can be stored pretty much anywhere in the kitchen as long as you know the proper technique to stop them drying out. 

She said: “The best way to store carrots…is in a cool, dark part of your refrigerator or on the countertop for one to three months.”

How to store carrots in the fridge 

Most people are likely to keep carrots in their fridge, but this vegetable is extremely sensitive to humidity changes which means they are more likely to spoil from the opening and closing of the fridge door.

A high humidity is more likely to make carrots mouldy while a low humidity will cause them to dehydrate and wilt. 

To stop this, protect carrots by placing them in an airtight container to remove any excess air. You can store them in a storage bag which you can buy off Amazon or store them in a jar filled with water. 

Store carrots in the crisper drawer once placed in a container which will also protect them from the harsher environment of the fridge. 

Make sure to always cut off the carrot leaves as they can draw moisture away from the carrot. 

Kristina said: “Storing carrots in the refrigerator is a great way to maintain freshness to cook with them when you’re ready.”

How to store carrots on the countertop or a cupboard 

Carrots can also be stored on a countertop or cupboard as long as you make sure they are kept out of sunlight at a cool temperature, so make sure not to store carrots near your stove, oven or any other appliances. 

If storing at room temperature, do not wash the carrots before cooking them this can remove some of the outer skin that prevents them from storing. 

You can also store carrots in an airtight container to help keep them fresh. Just make sure to check on the carrots to remove any which may be spoiling as it can spread to the rest of the carrots. 

Like with the fridge method, make sure to cut off the carrot leaves as they take away the moisture from the carrot and cause it to spoil at a faster rate. 

Kristina said: “Carrots are great for storing at room temperature! Carrots are a root vegetable that decomposes more slowly than other high-water vegetables like squash or even other root vegetables like radishes.”

She added: “If you store carrots as is without taking the proper steps to help them retain moisture (cutting off their leaves, etc) they dry out and lose their quality in about a week.” 


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