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Carrot cake is 'super simple' to make and tastes 'delicious' with unique recipe

Taking to her TikTok account @stephcooksstuff, recipe creator Steph shared her go-to formula for tasty homemade carrot cake.

She demonstrated her “ones and two’s” method which involves measuring the ingredients strictly in quantities of one or two.

In the video caption, Steph wrote: “Hey Peeps, Looking for an easy and delicious recipe that will impress your friends and family?

“This super simple carrot cake recipe is it! With just a few basic ingredients and minimal prep time, you can create a moist and flavorful cake that will have everyone asking for seconds.”

The TikTok cooking sensation noted that the combination of fresh carrots and the addition of apples makes the treat “slightly healthier”, for guilt-free indulgence.

First, preheat the oven to 180C to ensure it’s up to temperature when the cake is ready.

Steph starts the cake batter by measuring all of the ingredients into a large mixing bowl one at a time. This makes for an easy ‘all-in-one’ recipe, and minimal washing up without having to mix dry and wet ingredients separately.

Before adding the carrot, it may help to pat it dry between two clean tea towels to avoid a soggy cake after it’s been cooked.

The next step in Steph’s cake recipe is to stir everything together until completely combined into a light brown, chunky batter.

Now, take a loose-bottom cake tin and line it with greaseproof paper on the base only. Gently rub the sides of the cake tin with butter for greasing.

Next, pour in the coarse batter to fill out the cake tin completely – this isn’t a layered cake though it can be split into two tins if you prefer. Leave to cook at 180C for one hour, until a skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean.

This recipe does not include frosting, but it’s easy to make by combining cream cheese and icing sugar. Just add a little sugar to a bowl of cream cheese until it is sweet to taste. Add a drop of vanilla extract too for extra flavour.

Many people who tried Steph’s recipe were impressed with the results and took to the comments section to share this. One TikTok user said: “Just did this today and absolutely fantastic we all loved it… love your one-two method as I am totally new in to baking.”

A second chimed: “Absolutely love this! My hubby’s nanna has a 1,1,2,3 cupcake recipe that we love!”


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