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Carol Vorderman reveals she ‘ran away to the circus’ aged nine ‘for a few weeks’ as she admits ‘life was never dull’


CAROL Vorderman has revealed how she “ran away to the circus” ags nine “for a few weeks” as she admitted her life “was never dull”.

The former Countdown co-host took to her Instagram stories to give fans the interesting insight into her childhood.


Carol shared the insight into her childhood on her Instagram stories[/caption]


The star said she went to the circus with her mum for a few weeks[/caption]

Carol, 60, said she was “thinking of her mum” as she sat down for a cosy night in front of the TV on Friday evening.

She explained to her Instagram fans that a song sparked off memories of her time “running away to the circus” with her late mother, who died four years ago.

“Watching something a bit emotional on the telly and this song came on,” she wrote as Van Morrison hit Days Like This played in the background.

“Thinking of my mum. She died four years ago and I’d looked after her for 35 yrars. She lived with me and my family all that time.”

Carol went on: “She ran away with me to the circus when I was nine and I was selling candy floss in the big top tent for a few weeks.”

“Life was never dull,” she concluded, before adding a video of a man making candyfloss outside a circus tent to her stories.

Carol’s mum Edwina – who also went by the name Jean – passed away at the age of 88 in 2017 following a terminal cancer diagnosis.

It comes days after Carol opened up about her heartbreak over feeling powerless to help her struggling son when he was growing up.

The TV presenter’s son Cameron, 24, has severe forms of ADD, dyslexia and ADHD and recnetly achieved a master’s degree despite his learning disabilities.

Appearing on This Morning earlier this month, Carol delivered an emotional message to worried parents with children struggling in school.

She said: “One thing I would like to say to parents, because I know there are a lot of parents watching and listening out there, is that it’s a long road… breathe.

“You wake up as a parent every day and this little bundle of your heart, your world is there and they are unhappy.

“And there is nothing you can do.

“I couldn’t give up telly and teach him.. not because I wouldn’t give up telly, but because I couldn’t teach him.”

Host Holly Willoughby added to Cameron, who joined his mum on the This Morning sofa: “That’s because you had a specific way of learning.

“It may not have been the standard way but you had to find your own key in a way to unlock it.”

Carol followed up in a colum in The Sun about how her son’s “brain works differently” as she gushed how proud she was of both her kids.

Carol’s daughter Katie also recently made her mum proud as she handed in her PhD thesis in a bid to “cure cancer”.


Carol recently opened up about being proud of her children Katie and Cameron[/caption]

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