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Carol Klein: Gardening expert's top judicious pruning tips to keep trees ‘in good shape’


Carol Klein’s two-part masterclass airing tonight at 7pm on Channel 5 shares her gardening knowledge, including how to prune plants and shrubs properly. While many tend to neglect their garden in the winter and early spring, there are actually many jobs to get done before summer arrives.

Carol proceeded to snap one of the branches off of the tree and began to cut away with her loppers, heading for the root of the branch.

“Begin to make a nice clean cut here…Once you’ve cut out the larger dead branches, snip out the smaller twigs with some secateurs.”

The gardener showed how while the branches may be covered with lovely pink flowers, there were dead branches hanging off of them.

She added: “Make sure you snip the dead wood first…sharp secateurs are an imperative when doing this, and every single plant has its own character and that’s what you want to maintain.

“So if you see things growing at a strange angle or just don’t look right, get rid of them and be brave.”

The gardening expert also explained the three reasons why it is important to prune.

Carol said: “We prune shrubs for these three reasons; to improve their shape and to encourage growth, to remove any dead, dying or diseased wood and to help the plant stay healthy.”

When a tree or plant isn’t pruned properly, the branches can grow too close to the power lines or windows.

If left unpruned entirely, branches close to the home can cause damage or even break a window.

February is a great time to start pruning things in the garden including fruit trees as well as bushes and shrubs. 

Shrubs however, tend to require little pruning and a once-over with a hedge trimmer is typically all they need.

Many summer-flowering shrubs can be pruned this month, which will allow them to blossom perfectly for summer.

Gardening with Carol Klein airs tonight on Channel 5 at 7pm.


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