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Carol Kirkwood speaks out after major BBC Breakfast slip-up with Charlie Stayt's stand-in


BBC Breakfast star Carol Kirkwood made a bit of a slip-up when she was live on air yesterday. The mortified weather presenter got the name of her co-star Ben Thompson wrong and later took to social media to apologise.

Ben stepped in to replace regular presenter Charlie Stayt alongside Naga Munchetty.

As ever, Carol made several appearances on the show to give viewers the weather forecast for the day ahead.

Just before 8am, the 58-year-old called the host “Dan”, seemingly in reference to Dan Walker, who hosts the show Monday to Wednesday.

“Lovely lovely @BBCBenThompson I am sorry!!! xxx,” she later wrote on Twitter in view of her 203,400 followers, after the on-air exchange.

“I’ve been called so much worse!” Ben amusingly replied.

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Many took to the comments section of her post to share their thoughts and reassure her that it was an easy mistake to make.

“Don’t worry about it. Happens to us all,” one social media user wrote.

“I don’t think anyone noticed,” another joked.

“Didn’t see it Carol but get the impression that you called Ben, Dan? So easily done if so. I’m sure that Ben will forgive you,” a third remarked.

“Sorry Ben and Naga,” Carol corrected before tutting at herself and adding, “I could have got away with that one. Sorry Ben.”

“I used to like you Carol,” Ben hit back light-heartedly.

“Thanks Susan,” Naga cheekily quipped.

When she returned with her weather report a little later in the show, the blunder was still on her mind.

This time, Carol said the right night but admitted that she was trying really hard not to slip up again.

“Thank you, you got my name right,” Ben said to the popular TV star.

“I know, I was really thinking about it Ben. I’m so sorry,” she said.

“I could see you thinking,” the studio host observed.


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