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Carol Kirkwood 'made Queen laugh' with rude joke about weather forecast blooper


Kirkwood first joined the BBC as a secretarial reserve in the early-Nineties before leaving to train at The MET Office.

She honed her skills on radio and smaller TV stations before she returned to the corporation.

Since then she has fronted weather reports for all of the BBC channels and even reported The One Show.

Kirkwood has often professed that BBC Breakfast was her “dream job” and announced that she had no plans on quitting.

She said: “If they showed me the door, I’d hang on by my fingernails.

“As long as Breakfast wants me I’ll be there. I love it.”

Kirkwood admitted that the technical side of the show had changed a lot since she first started on air.

She explained the differences in weather reporting while at a Women’s Institute event in 2011.

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Kirkwood continued: “He apologised to viewers for there being no ‘F in fog’.

“Which sounds rude when you say it fast.”

To her surprise, Kirkwood heard an unexpected chuckle behind her.

She recalled: “I turned round to see the Queen giggling with laughter.”

Kirkwood admitted that she “didn’t tell” Her Majesty about one of her most famous TV bloopers.

The star considered recounting her “my jugs gaffe” but decided against it.

Kirkwood told The Sun: “I thought I’d better keep them out of it.”

The gaffe happened when the presenter was holding two beakers of rain water.

At the end of her weather report, she was asked when she was due to return to TV screens.

Kirkwood told viewers: “I’ll be getting my jugs out again shortly.”

Last year, the TV went on Twitter to apologise for another unfortunate slip of the tongue.

Kirkwood was presenting live from Greenwich Park, in London, when she mistakenly claimed to have “seen lots of doggers”.

She clarified: “Lots of, not doggers of course, lots of dog walkers and joggers around here through the course of this morning.”

On Twitter, she wrote: “That will teach me to try and say joggers and dog walkers in the same sentence!!!! Sorry!”

But fans seemed to be forgiving of her gaffe.

One Twitter user described the moment as “brilliant” and added: “How did you keep a straight face? I’d have lost it.”

A second wrote: “So commendable how you kept a straight face – ever the professional!”

A third thanked her for “providing blooper gold for years to come”.

They continued: “I’m sure your colleagues didn’t even notice.”

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am on BBC One.


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