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Caravan owners could be stopped more regularly after DfT report warning


The DfT’s trailer Safety Report said there was a “poor level of compliance” around the safety of trailers and caravans. They added this was a “cause for concern” with “more stops” expected to check drivers are safe.

The report said the checks would be particularly focused around the summer months to make sure drivers were safe.

It said: “The poor level of compliance of light trailers when stopped is a cause for concern.

“There will be further consideration of adding to the types of information used in this report, including more stops of caravans during summer months to check compliance rates and consideration of incident-related data collection.”

The recently released Trailer Safety report said trailer defects were not a major cause of injury incidents on the road.

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Just five percent of these heavier trailers were found with “immediate prohibitions” which needed urgent repair.

The DfT report said the compulsory testing of light trailers could have a safety-related benefit of around £2.2million per year.

However, the report outlined the DVJSA had “limited” powers to stop trailers and caravans on the road despite the possible safety risks.

They said: “DVSA’s remit in relation to stopping non-commercial vehicles for checks is limited, but enforcement practice related to light commercial trailers will be reviewed.

“However, it is important to emphasise that DVSA’s primary remit relates to larger, commercial vehicles and combinations where the consequences of incidents and failings when they happen are more often severe.”

Earlier this year, the DVSA claimed around 17 percent of all caravans were unsafe based on previous roadside checks.

Data for the agency shows there were over 2,200 caravan and trailer checks between September 12019 and January 2021.

The DVSA has previously said any roadside checks will take around 20 minutes each.

They confirm drivers will not be able to continue their journey if their trailer is not safe until the issue is fixed.

The DVSA is currently holding a consultation on proposed changes to caravan rules.

They have suggested drivers should not be made to sit an exam to tow heavier weights or bigger caravans.

The new proposals could save testing staff to tackle the massive backlog in driving tests.

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