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Car tax changes: Petrol drivers will be 'thrilled' at decision to not raise fuel duty


They have hinted the decision to not raise the tax could be “just the start” of more pro motoring policies to help road users. His comments come after the Prime Minister hinted the nation’s economic recovery would be powered by “white van men”.

However, it has also cost the Government possibly billions of pounds of extra revenue at the height of petrol and diesel use.

Revenues for the scheme are expected to drop in recent years as more switch to electric vehicles which do not pay fuel duty costs.

Rishi Sunak didn’t raise the price last year after he claimed people still relied on their vehicles.

Boris Johnson also said he had no plans to increase the tax in the run-up to the 2019 General Election.

Conservative MP Craig Mackinlay said those from the 10 percent poorest population would suffer the most from an increased.

He said any rise would have a “disproportionate” impact on motorists and would be bad for the economy.

A report from FairFuel and the CEBR predicted a rise in fuel duty would generate “extraordinarily little revenue”.

However they warned a rise would risk jobs, hike inflation and stagnate business investment.


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