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Car tax 2021 changes: Will your car tax go up?


From April 2021, this amount will rise from £325 to £335 per year.

This amount is paid for the first five years after the car has been registered.

James Andrews, finance expert at comparison site Money.co.uk, told the Mirror: “People with petrol and diesel cars will see vehicle excise duty rise to £155 a year, while the tax on premium cars – i.e. those costing more than £40,000 new – now pay an eye-watering £335 a year for the first five years of ownership.

“First year rates are also increasing, with cars that produce between 76g/km and 170g/km of carbon dioxide will seeing their bills rise by £5, people with cars in the 171g/km to 190g/km will see a £25 rise; there’s a £30 rise for people with cars producing 191g/km to 225g/km, £40 for 226g/km to 255g/km vehicles and a whopping £70 increase for everything above that.”


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